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About Us

TookTook is a berlin-based food, gastronomy, and hospitality-focused creative digital agency. We provide imaging, storytelling, marketing, and web design services for companies in the food industry developing, distributing and serving great food and experiences to people around the world.

We are the proud creators of TookTook Stories.


The team


Sachin Obaid

Chief Eating Officer - Berlin

Food has always been a huge part of his childhood growing up. Every meal at home was a family meal in Saudi Arabia. His summer vacations at his grandparents home in India were a beloved lesson in eating seasonal and local, long before it was cool.

Passionate about traveling and showing respect to culinary entrepreneurs, he decided to leave the Finance and Startups world to fully build TookTook in 2017.


Oliver Moertl

Photographer, Berlin

As long as it's not spicy hot, he'll eat it! Oliver loves to experiment eating food from Michelin-stared restaurants to the mom-and-pop diner in a small town. But eating for pleasure is not the only reason why he considers himself a foodie. For the last two years, he has been photographing chefs, restaurants and experiences across Europe. He wants his images to bear witness of chefs personal stories, to better explain why they cook the way they do.


Marcus O'Shea

Writer and copywriter, Edinburgh

Marcus O'Shea is a chef, writer, food activist and ex-distiller. When he isn't sampling the best of the world's culinary scenes, he works with sustainable farmers, passionate chefs and retailers to help transform our food system and help ensure access to good food for everyone.

DANILO6371 copy.jpg

Danilo Sierra

Marketing and Agency Operations, Berlin

Danilo Sierra is a marketer and founder of mimosa agency. He is a hungry foodie excited to help people get what they want. He works with lifestyle, luxury, service and industrial companies looking for new ways to get to customers as well as with experience owners looking for more people at their venues and events.